An Introduction About WordPress:

WordPress is basically an open source and much simplified Content Management System (CMS). WordPress was created back in the year of 2003 and it was initially used for blogging, but with the passage of time the domain of WordPress has increased manifolds.

Wordpress main

Now, whether you are looking to start a blog, news website or create a store, you will not find more convenience in any other Content Management System (CMS) available in the market.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is built on general-purpose language called PHP. PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor and it basically used to create and add new pages. It also has a robust database management system called MySQL.

With the advancement of the modern technology, WordPress CMS is no more confined to being a simple publishing platform. This is the reason that several reputable companies and firms like Mashable, TechCrunch, have been using this CMS as a basic platform for their website.

Why WordPress is So Popular Content Management System (CMS):

WordPress is undoubtedly the most popular Content Management System (CMS) on the planet. There are some distinctive features of the WordPress which are missing from other CMS. Read this to find out more:

  1. Free:

Yes, you’ve heard it right. WordPress is totally free to install and offers the basic functionalities with fraction or no cost at all. Though, there are some advanced features that are premium and requirement payment. But, it’s totally up to you whether you want to purchase such premium features or not.

  1. Open Source:

The WordPress CMS is an open source CMS and it is designed with PHP. It means that this CMS is available under the general license and it can easily be used without purchasing a relevant license from WordPress.

The Source Code of WordPress is also available on the internet, means that a developer can easily take a look at the Code to further customize it according to the requirement.

  1. Easy to Install and Configure:

WordPress is one of the Content Management System (CMS) that is extremely easy to install and configure. If someone doesn’t know coding, then the person can also understand and use WordPress like a pro.

However, there are some advanced features of the WordPress which required adequate technical knowledge. In the event, you are not technically sound, then you can easily hire the services of a professional IT and Web Solutions company, such as the Vital Aims, which can easily take care of all your WordPress needs in an efficient manner.

  1. Get Access to Tons of Themes and Plugins:

The repository of WordPress allows the users to get access to hundreds and thousands of plugins and themes. In the WordPress repository, all the themes are categorized into different categories such as blogging, store and so on. So, you can easily find your desired them within a couple of minutes.

  1. SEO Friendly:

One of the biggest advantages of the WordPress CMS is that it got all the ingredients and features to get your blogging or store based website ranked high on search engine pages.

This very feature makes the platform SEO friendly and perfect for all the business owners, who want to attract a lot of traffic. All you need to do is to just populate your website with high-quality content and leave the rest on WordPress.

  1. Self Updating: 

WordPress CMS is self-updating, means that it automatically detects that your themes, plugins or WordPress itself needs to update. The new updates of WordPress bring a lot of new features to the WordPress.

The whole process of updating WordPress, themes and plugins is very simple. All you need to do is to just click on the link and the WordPress themes and plugins will be automatically updated to the most recent version.

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