Salient Features Of Cloud Computing:

Cloud Computing has gained tremendous popularity over the past few years, because of its flexibility, affordability, service capacity and scalability. It is basically a pay as you go service model, so you will only have to pay large amount of fees, if you opt to avail such services.

Salient Features of Cloud Computing

The Cloud Computing is basically an alternative to traditional hosting that uses a single dedicated server. This technology uses the virtualization technology to share resources from one network to another network. In other words, the cloud computing basically acts as the group of physical servers that acts like one big parent service to share and allocate resources to other computers.

Salient Features of Cloud Computing:

Following are some salient features of the Cloud Computing:

  1. Broad Network Access:

These services are available over a network, intranet or internet. These services are on 24/7, 365 days a week. All of these services can easily be accessed by anyone, anytime and anyplace of their choice.

  1. On-Demand Self-Service:

One of the distinctive feature of the Cloud Computing is that it is basically an on-demand self-service that allows the user add more services without the interaction of human. You just have to create your account with the seller and create security details. Usually, all of this process is conducted by web-based user-friendly service portal.

  1. Rapid Elasticity:

Rapid elasticity is perhaps one of the distinctive feature of the cloud computing that it offers to its users. All the resources shared on cloud servers can rapidly be supplied to meet the demand of the user in the least possible time frame. In other words, you can easily get the required shared resources in seconds.

  1. Measured Service:

The cloud computing has the full potential to measure the usage of your resources by allowing you to only pay for what service or resources you have paid for. In other words, you only have to pay for those specific services which you avail, so simple is that.

  1. Resource Pooling:

The main benefit of the cloud computing is that it provides same physical resources to all its clients with a separate customized environment for each client. All the resources of the physical servers can easily be pooled from different servers, in various locations and in various data centers.

In the event, if a server in your network goes offline for any reason, then your virtual server will pool all your desired resources from another server that is interconnects with your physical network. You can easily retrieve all your data, even if an entire data center is down.

In this case, all your resourced pooled up from various data centers and locations. This mechanism minimized the chance of instantaneous failure.

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