Mastering WordPress Plugin Advanced Level Services (USD 580)


Mastering WordPress Plugin Advanced Level Services:

The WordPress Content management System offers the powerful way to publishers, bloggers and online store owners to easily enhance the functionality of their WordPress based website without the need to directly edit any code of the website.

A WordPress plugin is basically a set of code that integrate in your self-hosted WordPress hosted website. WordPress users can find hundreds of thousands of WordPress plugins that have been created by the enterprising developers, so that they are ready to use and you can easily use them in your website.

WordPress plugins can easily be used to tweak from small to large changes to your website. For instance, some WordPress plugins, such as Woocommerce, is designed to turn your website into a fully functioning online store.

Primarily, WordPress plugins are written in PHP and it may also contain the certain short codes, actions, filters and widgets.

You don’t need to be experienced developer or programmer for installing and configuring plugins, as this job can easily be done by the beginners or novice level experts. WordPress dashboard has given a beautiful and easy to learn user-interface dashboard from which all the users can easily access the repository of WordPress plugins with ease.

Mastering WordPress Advanced Level Services:

  1. Introduction to WordPress
  2. Woocommerce Quick Guide
  3. Introduction to WordPress Dashboard
  4. Handful knowledge of web hosting
  5. Introduction to Child Theme and Parent theme
  6. Introduction to WordPress Classic Editor
  7. Introduction to WordPress Gutenberg Editor
  8. Creating publishing Posts, Blogs and Products
  9. Understanding different plugin functionalities
  10. Finding the right type of WordPress plugin
  11. Selecting the plugin
  12. Installing and Configuring the WordPress plugin
  13. Introduction to WordPress Yoast SEO Plugin
  14. Adding and configuring Contact Form plugin
  15. Installing and configuring WordPress security plugin
  16. 5 Essential training of WordPress
  17. WordPress Business Blueprint
  18. SEO fundamentals for WordPress


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