Cpanel Configuration Services (USD 3000)


Cpanel Configuration Services:

Cpanel is basically an online Linux-based Graphical User Interface (GUI) control panel that helps to simplify the server management and website. This panel allows you to manage domains, create email accounts, manage SSL certificates, and more.

There are a number of web hosting companies that are offering the Cpanel to their customers as part of their hosting package. With the help of this panel, customers can easily manage and configure an unlimited number of websites, SSL certificates, email accounts and so on.

One of the biggest plus of Cpanel is that it automates the different tasks, so that the web Servers can easily trigger the required task at the particular time demanded by the user. This interface also has several features to accommodate the basic requirements of resellers and administrators.

Website hosted in Cpanel hosting provides many informative guides on how to install, configure and use the Cpanel on any website with ease.

In this module, all the users will get all the required technical knowledge to easily host, configure and run websites hosted on Cpanel.

Because of the unmatched advantages it offers to its customers, Cpanel has become one of the most popular web hosting medium across the globe.

Cpanel Configuration Services:

  1. Configuring and installing Cpanel on the server
  2. Setting up SSH
  3. Configuring and setting up SSL certificates to secure a website
  4. Basic Cpanel configuration
  5. Explain the hostname, CNAME, DNS Server and Domain records
  6. Installing PHP extensions
  7. Creating MySQL Database
  8. Creating Subdomains
  9. HTTPS SSL Redirection
  10. Installing WordPress (Manually and Automatically)
  11. Apache Web server configuration
  12. Firewall configuration and installation
  13. List of commands
  14. Automatic Backup and Restore
  15. Installing Nginx as reverse proxy
  16. Upgrade to Cloud Linux


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