Mastering .Htaccess Services (USD 917)


Mastering .Htaccess Services:

The .Htaccess is basically an Apache Server configuration file that helps to smartly control multiple aspects of web pages that are hosted or run on Apache. These multiple aspects include the hotlink protection, managing redirects and more.

All the customers enrolling in this course, will get the required knowledge on how to configure their .Htaccess file with different codes for added functionality.

As .Htaccess have a dot in the start, the dot basically makes the name of the file and it should not be mistaken for the extension. This filename looks by Apache when it is run. Anything or directive inside the .Htaccess sets different parameters to trigger or enable/disable different functions of Apache, when certain conditions are met.

For instance, the .Htaccess can be used to load custom error pages that shows up to the user when user didn’t find any desired page they are looking while browsing the website.

The .Htaccess file uses directives that are used to apply a set of commands in Apache’s configuration files. These commands are relatively short commands with the aim to modify the behavior of Apache. With the help of these directives, users can execute several codes at a time without requiring to access the core server configuration of Apache server commonly known as httpd.conf.

This file is enabled by default. The .Htaccess file is currently controlled by the AllowOverride Directive in the httpd.conf file. The .Htaccess gives system administrators more control over the website over their developers.

Mastering .Htaccess Services:

  1. Introduction to Mod Security
  2. Caching
  3. Introduction and configuration of Hotlinking
  4. Setting up 301 permanent redirects
  5. Setting up 301 permanent redirectmatch
  6. Handling error documents
  7. Setting environment Var if proxied
  8. Http authorization rewrite
  9. Misc rewrites and Mod security
  10. Query_string debugging rewrites
  11. Headers and caching
  12. MODSEC Anti-spam for WordPress
  13. Passing parameter to CGI through HTTP headers
  14. Time based rewrites
  15. IP Blocking
  16. Country Blocking
  17. File and Directory Browsing blocking


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