Mastering Woocommerce Medium Level Services (USD 700)


Mastering Woocommerce Medium Level Services:

Woocommerce is no doubtedly one of the most convenience and most flexible platform for designing and building online stores. The distinctive and unmatched feature of the Woocommerce is that it offers versatility, flexibility and adaptability to the customers, which no other Shop based plugins do.

Woocommerce is the most popular plugin of all times with over 27 million downloads to date and it should not be a surprise that it is powered 99% of all WordPress based online stores. Woocommerce is arguably the best ecommerce plugin that you can use to create an online store.

Woocommerce is the most versatile and affordable way to sell any product or service online on your website. This system allows you to sell tangible and intangible products, manage inventory and make secure payment checkouts.

With the help of this course, you will learn how to set up a beautiful and appealing Woocommerce store right from the scratch. Customers can easily customize their online store by integrating the payment, shipping and tax options in it.

After the completion of this course, you will be prepared to design, create and build your own online store by using the powerful WordPress CMS and the Woocommerce plugin with minimal upfront costs. By the end of this informative course, you can easily transcend yourself from Zero to a hero.

Mastering Woocommerce Medium Level Services:

  1. Introduction to Woocommerce
  2. Choosing a proper Woocommerce theme
  3. Installing theme via Dashboard or FTP
  4. Installing and configuring Woocommerce
  5. Introduction to Domain & Web Hosting to install WordPress
  6. WordPress Essentials
  7. Everything to know about Woocommerce Settings
  8. Integrating Woocommerce with famous payment gateways
  9. Paypal installation, configuration and integration and testing with Sandbox account
  10. Adding different products
  11. Adding beautiful edited images
  12. Installing and configuring Woocommerce essential plugins
  13. Woocommerce updating guide
  14. Switching different Woocommerce themes in a same store
  15. Adding internal and external linking to products
  16. Adding variations in a variable product
  17. Adding coupons
  18. Introduction of enabling and integrating newsletter with your online store


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