WordPress Security Services (USD 150)


WordPress Security Services:

Wordpress Security


It is an undeniable fact that the need for having the safe and secure WordPress website has emerged than ever before. This is so, because there are majority of hackers that may pose serious risks and threat to your WordPress website.

Such hackers can easily insert malicious code, crack your password, ruin your database and even steal all your customer’s database with ease. So, the best practice of securing the WordPress website is by using the WordPress security plugins and by adopting the best WordPress security practices.

When it comes to WordPress security plugins, then you can easily find tons of plugins, but you first have to understand the basic requirement demanded by your website, so you can easily choose the security plugin of your choice.

By choosing the best WordPress security plugin can easily prevent the hackers from cracking into your website. You should know that it is very important to secure different areas of your WordPress website, including the wp-admin, login URL, database, comments section and so on. If you adopt the best WordPress Security Practices, then chances are there that hackers will not find an easy to get or break into your WordPress website.

In the event, you don’t have any technical knowledge in installing and configuring WordPress plugins, then you can easily outsource such services from the various leading IT companies, including Vital Aims. Such companies have hired the complete team of technical expertise that knows each and every detail involve in the process.

These companies can easily help you to secure your WordPress website from all sorts of beginners to advanced level hacking attempts. Furthermore, these companies offered affordable packages, so small companies and businesses can also hire their services with ease.

WordPress Security Services:

  1. Importance of Software, Plugins and Themes updating
  2. Choosing Safe and Secure Passwords
  3. Securing the File Transfer Protocols (FTPs)
  4. Securing Database
  5. .htaccess Security practices
  6. WP Config Security Practices
  7. Configuring Two Factor Authentication (2FA)
  8. Skills and techniques for protecting against Brute Force Attacks
  9. Skills for preventing hotlinking
  10. Skills for protecting content and media


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