Mastering WordPress Security Services (USD 570)


Mastering WordPress Security Services:

It is an undeniable fact that thousands of WordPress websites are attacked by different hackers. These hackers can easily inject spam on the WordPress-based website that helps them to easily redirect, delete or take over completely of your website. Things can easily get complicated of any hacker has access to your website.

Once the hacker able to hacked a website, then the same affected website can easily be used to process all kinds of malicious activities, such as stealing your customer’s details, deleting the files, redirecting your web traffic to their spam links and they can also lock you out of your Admin account. Furthermore, such hackers can also affect the way our website ranked in famous search engines, including Google and so on.

So, this is obviously that you have to harden the security of your website, if it is built in WordPress Content Management System (CMS). It doesn’t matter whether you operate a small or large corporate site, your site is at the peril of hacker and you have to take all the possible measure to secure your website from such malicious attempts.

In this course, all the users will get the basic and advanced level information on how they can easily harden the security of their WordPress based websites by adopting little known practices.

Mastering WordPress Security Services:

  1. Basic information and configuration of Security keys
  2. Enabling Two-step verification in WordPress websites
  3. Selecting complex and hard to guess passwords
  4. Configuring .Htaccess file to harden the security of WordPress website
  5. Installing and configuring the SSL certificates
  6. Password protecting and denying access to WordPress Core files
  7. Selecting the right plugins and themes
  8. Understanding the main threats posed to the WordPress based website
  9. Installing and configuring WordPress Antivirus, Firewall and Security plugin


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