WordPress Medium Level Troubleshooting Services (USD 786)


WordPress Medium Level Troubleshooting Services:


When it comes to WordPress, then WordPress simply beat all other CMS software due to the versatility, flexibility and simplicity it offers to its customers. The WordPress CMS is no longer limited for just individuals and businesses, as large organizations and entrepreneurs have also integrated their businesses into this platform.

It is a fact that WordPress was originally designed to support blogging and other type of content published, but with the passage of time, its domain have increases and it now powers a wide range of websites that are designed for other purposes as well.

WordPress websites can easily contain a blogging structure, a full-fledged online store, showcase a portfolio, host a podcast, group or social network and so on. Whatever the company’s requirement is, WordPress can easily fulfill those requirements in an efficient manner.

One of the best features of the WordPress is that it can be installed and configured in a matter of minute, even without involving of any technical expertise. All a user need is a hosting and a suitable domain name and they can easily install the WordPress either by manually or automatically by using the web hosting portal.

WordPress offers more benefits to customers over other Content Management Systems, including the user-friendly interface, clean permalink structure, integrated link management system, automatic filter for formatting and tagging posts and articles.

If you are not technically sound, but want to have presence of your business on the internet, then you can easily accomplish this task just by outsourcing the different companies offering services in this domain. These companies are specialized in offering tailored WordPress solutions to its customers. All you have to do is to just contact any credible web service provide company, like Vital Aims, as then you are good to go.

WordPress Medium Level Troubleshooting Services:

  1. Basics of WordPress
  2. Introduction of WordPress CMS
  3. Use and configuring the SEO Plugin
  4. Installing and configuring themes
  5. Installing and configuring plugins
  6. Adopting best security practices for securing WordPress website
  7. Adding different payment gateway methods
  8. Installing and configuring plugins
  9. Skills for optimizing Database
  10. Skills for managing Comments and Spam
  11. A dive into editing permalinks Structure
  12. Creating Robots.txt file
  13. Configuring FTP for file transfer purposes


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