Data Entry Basic Level Services (USD 600 8 Hours Daily / 7 Days A Week)


Data Entry Basic Level Services:

Data Entry Service 12 Hour

In the modern hectic and tech savvy world, the worth and importance of Data Entry Services has emerged than ever before. It is now considered as the integral part of any business, company or large enterprise that needs to manage large amount of data on a daily basis. A number of companies and corporations totally rely on data entry, so it is important to integrate the robust data entry mechanism to process large amount of data on a daily basis.

Data Entry is required for processing large amount of data from soft copy or hard copy, which require merging, sorting, handling and proofread in accordance with the strict criteria and SOP’s defined by the businesses and organizations. Data entry can term as the savior for financial enterprises as even the slightest mistake can ruin the overall calculations and balance sheet.

Having correct and updated round the clock data is critical for even the existence of large business and enterprises. It is also a fact that the Data Entry Service is a hectic and time consuming process, therefore you can easily outsource the data entry services of credible online IT Solutions Company named as Vital Aims.

Vital Aims is a leading IT Solutions and Web Development Company that offers end to end IT and Web Solutions under one roof. Vital Aims has hired the well learned, dedicated and experienced staff that knows all the technicality involved in the processing large amount of organizational data efficiently.

It doesn’t matter how large your data processing requirement is, as we can easily handle all your data input requirements as per your expectations.

Highlights of Data Entry Basic Level Services Offered by Vital Aims:

  1. Prepare, analyze and manage documents and sheets for data entry operation
  2. Maintains robust filing system
  3. Analyzing data and developing schema
  4. Online order entry and follow up
  5. Data mining and warehousing procedures
  6. Indexing of complex and high-priority documents, sheets and vouchers
  7. Data Entry from Images
  8. Perform regular backup
  9. Optical Character Recognition
  10. XML conversion techniques
  11. Pre-migration data clean up
  12. Use of basic office equipment required for Data Entry
  13. Performs regular backup to ensure the preservation of data
  14. Indexing of PDG documents and sheets


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