Live Chat Support Advanced Level Services Monthly (USD 2550 24 Hours Daily / 7 Days A Week)


Live Chat Support Advanced Level Services:

The advancement of the modern technology has made possible for every customer across the globe to discover an online store from far flung areas of the world with ease. It is also a fact that while making the purchase from such online stores, customers’ demands special attention to those specific online stores who is genuine, real and doing authentic business. This process could make much easier with the integration of Live Chat Support portal in the online store or website.

With the help of the Live Chat Support portal, customers can easily gain the confidence of their customers by providing them the correct information about their queries in a timely manner. The team of the Live Chat Support portal can easily build a direct communication with online clients that help to drive the sales and growth of such particular store or e-shop.

The seamless integration of online chat support helps the chat agents to give the pinpoint solution on the spot to all the queries of the customers through a real-time pop-up window. A business or online shop with the proper live chat support service can easily attract the large customer base all across the globe.

The Live Chat Support integration can help your customers get the timely answers to all the queries they have while browsing your website or online store. After getting the timely response, such customers want to buy the product, because they now have a confidence that the store and its products are not fake.

Live Chat Support Advanced Level Services:

  1. Assessing the attitude of your customer
  2. Techniques for strong attention to details
  3. Techniques and skills to handle the difficult customers
  4. Learning practical vocal and verbal skills
  5. Assessing the right attitude to the customer service
  6. Demonstrating empathy to maximize customer’s satisfaction
  7. Building rapport
  8. Ability to truly understand the customer’s tone and language
  9. Active listening
  10. Skills to remain calm under pressure


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